Consumer Credit FCA Applications


Whilst the interim permission period ended on 31/03/16, we are still here to support those firms who wish to make a new application, or vary their existing permissions. We work with you to complete your FCA application so that it can be submitted correctly and on time.

You can choose from a number of different application service options which can include either bespoke documents compiled by ourselves working alongside you, or we can provide our standard templated documents for you to complete.

For more information about our Compliance Documentation please follow this link

Our range of Consumer Credit FCA Applications include:
• Full Permission
• Limited Permission
• Approved Person Application and Section 178 change of controller
• Variation of Permission, including your reason for variation documentation; be that changing from limited to full, or simply adding to your existing permissions

Meet our Chief Executive, Ian Beardmore

Ian Beardmore has more than 20 years’ experience in the retail sector and has been directly dealing with consumer credit issues and the FCA for more than a decade.
During that time, he has become a well-respected member of the finance and insurance industry, and in 2011 he was awarded the acclaimed Annual Achievement Award for his services within the sector.

Please allow Ian what is less than a minute of your time to introduce himself and tell you about what we can offer here at Consumer Credit Compliance on the video below:



“Consumer Credit Compliance were efficient and professional to deal with. The application process went through with no problems and I was authorised much quicker than first anticipated.”
Peter Quinn, Emerald Vehicle Sales


“Could I thank you for all the help and assistance in presenting my application for Consumer Credit to the FCA. I spent some months in trying to find my way round the FCA maze and finally gave up and contacted Consumer Credit Compliance. Within a week problem solved!

I shall certainly give your contact details to my colleagues in the Insurance Industry”
Terry Harvey, Commercial Insurance Brokers Ltd

Further Useful Information

How do you complete the application?
The application, whether this be Limited, Full or a Variation of Permission, is done on the FCA’s online system called CONNECT.
The application is all done electronically and then submitted online.
Differences between limited and full permissions?
The type of application you should complete depends on what your business does and the regulated activities it carries out. Full permission applications are for firms who are considered to be a higher risk to the consumer, for example a debt collection business. A Limited Permission Application covers activities such as secondary credit broking and consumer hire.
What happens once application submitted?
Once submitted to the FCA your application will go into the system where it will be allocated a case officer, who will review the application.  The length of time for it to be allocated a case officer varies, and can in some cases take up to 12 months, although the FCA endeavour to assess applications well before that time.
The case officer will contact you directly to introduce themselves, and they may ask you some more questions regarding the application you have made.
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