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    Celebrating 10 years in business!

    We are celebrating a decade of success, innovation, and growth! Thank you for being part of our journey over the past 10 years.

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    Consumer Credit Compliance are an FCA regulated firm (Principal) that provides an Appointed Representative Network throughout the UK. This allows you to boost your retail sales and drive revenue by selling your products on finance, whether online or in-store.

    Why use us

    Our team of experts provide you with all you need, so your customers can buy your products on finance.

    We understand that every business has different and specific needs which is why we work together with you to provide a tailored service.
    We identify any compliance risks to your business and address them, ensuring you remain compliant.

    We provide ongoing support to our clients, assisting them to maintain their ongoing compliance requirements and to meet the FCA‘s Threshold conditions. This includes phone and email support.

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    We’ve been helping Consumer Credit firms achieve compliance within FCA regulations since 2013, and have worked with over 2,500 businesses.

    We engaged the Consumer Credit Compliance to provide AR services and support us with our FCA compliance obligations but the team also compliments our wider risk and compliance framework well. The monthly meetings that we have with Ian and Helen are clear and structured and enable us to focus on actions to appropriately address key business risk and compliance concerns in a proportionate and commercial manner. The Consumer Credit Compliance team applies robust market and regulatory knowledge in an agile and commercial way. This is more than just a tick-box service.

    Charlotte Jackson   Oak Furnitureland

    We have been working with Consumer Credit Compliance for a few years as we offer finance for the purchase our products and have chosen the AR route. Working in a regulated space can be daunting when it is new, but the support provided with the e-learning is so helpful – especially as it can be revisited as necessary. Our monthly reviews with Ian are clear and he is really understanding and he supports us well. He is a really decent person to work with in partnership on our compliance. The support and patience provided by the wider team, when we did our first annual review is really appreciated too.

    Adam Fidoe   The Lounge Co.

    Worcester Bosch has been working with Consumer Credit Compliance for several years now. Our relationship covers direct compliance support as well as support provided to our customer base. Consumer Credit Compliance achieved and surpassed the high standards and rigorous checks that we require for companies that we partner with and provide access to our customers. The personal relationships that we have been built with Consumer Credit Compliance have only added to the exceptional levels of service that we have experienced. The support from the team has allowed us to meet and exceed our business goals. A partnership we are confident will continue long into the future.

    Alex Swann   Worcester Bosch

    Van Monster are a national Used LCV retailer with a portfolio of 8,000 retail sales pa. We are also an appointed representative of Consumer Credit Compliance. Our business is mostly conducted at a distance with a customer who is in a hurry to conclude the sale & get his business back on the rails. People don’t buy a used van on a Sunday afternoon browsing around a vehicle showroom, they want to buy it now because their current van has broken, been stolen or is no longer fit for purpose. As such, virtually every sale we conclude is a distressed purchase. Put all that together along with an ambitious F&I regime where finance & protection products are an integral part of our business plan & customer offering, conducting a sale compliantly was initially a daunting task. This is where the staff at CCC really came into their own. As a team of people, they have a plethora of real-world experiences in sales, compliance, finance, etc. As such, with CCC’s help, support & expertise, we were able to devise a sales process that is not only effective, it is customer-focused and 100% compliant. We have operated this sales process for over 2 years now. The F&I revenue we generate now is more than double what it was 2 years ago. This is down to a sales process that firstly ascertains a customer’s wants, needs & budget before making clear & correct recommendations on vehicle selection, funding & protection. The customer is always given enough information to make a considered decision on every aspect of the sale. All this is recorded on bespoke customer-friendly sales process documentation that works both face to face or electronically on a distance sale. Because of this process, our sales are up, our revenue is up & our regulated complaints are zero. CCC did not devise for us a compliance process, they helped us make our sales process complaint & at the same time more effective. Any retail business that offer consumer credit or general insurance as part of their portfolio should consult with CCC asap. Not so that you can be more compliant, so that CCC can help you to be more effective, compliance comes as an integral part of being more effective!

    Roger Pitcher   Van Monster

    CCC provided great support throughout our FCA application process, providing practical advice, prompt replies and a high quality of service. They quickly became a trusted partner of our organisation and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others. They provide great comfort in a regulatory system that can be isolating and confusing.

    Phill Jones

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    Our team of experts provide you with all you need, so your customers can buy your products on finance.

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