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23 September 2020

Summary: From 17th of October, firms will start to begin the long awaiting move from Gabriel to RegData reporting systems. The FCA will move across firms in stages with firms receiving email communication from the Regulator advising them of their move date.

The first firms will be moved from Gabriel to RegData over the weekend of 17 and 18 October. Those firms will then complete their regulatory reporting on RegData. Firms will continue to be moved to RegData from Gabriel in the coming months as we move users across in stages, based on their reporting requirements.

All 52,000 firms will receive direct emails from Gabriel advising them of their moving date. These 3 emails will be sent to firms 3 weeks, 5 days and 1 day before they move to RegData. Compliance consultants will receive reminders for every firm their user account is currently associated with in Gabriel.

Firms will not be able to access RegData until they and their users’ data have been moved across from Gabriel. Until then, they should continue to report via Gabriel, using their existing Gabriel login details. Our moving your firm to RegData page provides a checklist for firms before they move, and the process they’ll follow to join RegData.

Users can now access a series of explainer videos and step-by-step user guides to take them through each aspect of the RegData platform. As with Gabriel, RegData will be accessible from the FCA website.

In 2019, we asked firms and other users to provide feedback on their experiences of using Gabriel. We invited firms who completed our survey to meet us in person to explore their feedback and inform the firm journey we planned for moving over 120,000 users and the data of 52,000 firms from Gabriel to RegData.

Firm feedback identified areas for improvements which we factored in when building the first iteration of RegData. RegData is faster than Gabriel, easier to use, and is built with more flexible technology so we can fix issues quickly and continue to improve the user experience.

Source: https://www.fca.org.uk/news/news-stories/first-firms-begin-move-new-data-collection-platform-regdata

By David Petty

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