Key APCC Appointments for The Compliance Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Compliance Director Announced

We are delighted to announce that Ian Beardmore, our Chief Executive Officer, has been appointed as Chair of the APCC and Jourdain Tambo, one of our Compliance Directors, has been appointed as Chair of the APCC CMC Working Group.


On the 14th January 2019, The Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC) announced that Ian Beardmore and Jourdain Tambo from The Compliance Company have been appointed key roles within the Association.

The Compliance Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Beardmore, has been announced as Chair of the organisation. Ian previously held the role of Deputy Chair, and has now officially taken up the role of Chair following the resignation of former Chair, Terence Clark.

Ian said: “We would like to thank Terence on behalf of all the board and APCC members for all his work during the last twelve months and under his stewardship we have seen the Association continue to move forward at a pace and increase its profile amongst the profession.

For those who do not know me in any detail, I have been working in the financial services sector for seventeen years, most of that time working in the motor finance & insurance arena before setting up my own compliance consultancy back in 2013 ahead of the change of Consumer Credit from the OFT to the FCA. The compliance consultancy has expanded over the last five years to encompass more of the sectors regulated by the FCA and provides related products and services. Having the support of my business partner and my team I can devote the respective time required to fulfil the Chairman’s role and will continue to work closely leading the Exec team with our CEO Nick Hawke and COO Bev Robertson alongside Gabby Holloway and the APCC’s Board of Directors.

My continued personal vision for the association moving forward is to assist in delivering the APCC’s mission to become the most valued trade association for Compliance Consultants and to demonstrate their professionalism in being APCC members.  I look to improve the culture and ethics of our industry by building relationships with other associations who most of our members clients will be aligned with in one-way shape or other, I believe this is key to delivering a uniformed approach to dealing with the regulators (that is not just the FCA). A great example to our members and key stakeholders of our professionalism, values and vision will be in the implementation of our CEO’s proposed corporate strategy plan.”

Jourdain Tambo, Compliance Director (Claims Management) at The Compliance Company, has been appointed the Chair of the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants’ (APCC) CMC Working Group. The objective of the CMC Working Group is to create a platform for APCC members to discuss the regulatory requirements that will apply to CMCs, create and build relationships with senior management at the FCA’s transition teams and be best equipped to provide compliance support to CMCs through the regulatory transition.

For more information on the APCC, please click here to visit their website.