Appointed Representative (AR) Network

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Appointed Representative (AR) Network For Consumer Credit & Insurance Compliance

“We Are A Principal for Consumer Credit & General Insurance”

Consumer Credit Compliance became a ‘Principal’ in 2017 when it upgraded from Limited to Full Permission Credit Broking. In 2018 we then acquired our Permissions for Debt Adjusting, Debt Counselling & Insurance mediation. Part of our business plan for 2018 is to develop our AR Network with partners from across the broad spectrum of the Credit Broking & Insurance sectors. This service is for firms that do not want to be directly authorised by the FCA and would prefer a ‘Principal’ to look after their Broking and Insurance activities. 

What is a Principal? (this is what we are)

A ‘Principal’ is a firm that is directly authorised by the FCA and they will be responsible for ensuring any Appointed Representatives (AR’s) meet their requirements.

What is an Appointed Representative? (this is what you could be)

An Appointed Representative (AR) is a firm or person who conducts regulated activities under the banner of a firm that is directly authorised by the FCA. This firm is known as the AR’s ‘Principal’.

The benefits of joining our Appointed Representative (AR) Network:

  • You don’t have to apply to the FCA for Authorisation
  • You can’t be directly fined or censured by the FCA
  • You don’t have to report data to the FCA through their Gabriel system
  • Your Principal takes responsibility for your regulatory conduct and supplies you with the necessary systems, processes and compliance programmes to ensure you remain compliant
  • You benefit from best practice learnings from the Principal

An Appointed Representative can act in the same way as a directly authorised business; advising customers, completing finance proposals, advertising finance and receiving commission. As an Appointed Representative for consumer credit activities, you can still choose your finance provider if they are correctly authorised and comply with all FCA regulations.

Responsibilities as an Appointed Representative:

If you are an appointed representative you will need to understand and comply with the regulatory requirements for the business, you conduct.

A business cannot be an Appointed Representative for a regulated activity if:

  • it does not have a contract with a Principal firm covering its regulated business
  • its Principal firm has not accepted responsibility in writing for the regulated activity the business undertakes
  • the firm that the business wants to act as its Principal holds only an interim permission for the relevant credit activity
  • it operates a credit reference agency
  • it provides credit (unless the credit is free of interest and any other charges)
  • it is authorised for another activity

The exceptions to this are:

  • a firm with interim permissions for a credit activity may also be an Appointed Representative for an activity regulated under the Financial Services Markets Act that is not covered by its interim permissions
  • a firm with limited permissions for certain credit activities will be able to be an Appointed Representative for other regulated activities, e.g. a motor dealer with limited permissions to carry on credit broking can also be an Appointed Representative insurance intermediary

As an Appointed Representative you must allow the Principal access to your staff, premises and records so the principal can carry out the necessary oversight and monitoring of your business.

Who can join?

Any firm or person that can meet our strict criteria.



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