Claims Management Compliance

Claims Management Compliance is a designated compliance support services aimed at claims management companies (CMC). We have in-house consultants who have years of experience of providing compliance support to CMCs and representing CMCs at CMR audits and during investigations.


Claims Management Compliance (CMC)

CMCs are currently regulated by the Claims Management Regulation Unit (CMRU) which is a unit of the Ministry of Justice. The CMRU is responsible for supervising CMCs’ compliance with the Conduct of Authorised Persons Rules 2018 which incorporates various regulatory rules such as the CMR’s Complaints Handling Rules 2015, data protection and rules on direct marketing.

The CMRU supervise CMCs’ compliance by conducting periodic onsite audits, obtaining intelligence from other regulators such as the Information Commissioner’s Office and receiving complaints data that is passed to them from the Legal Ombudsman or from complaints received directly from consumers.

How can Claims Management Compliance help?

Claims Management Compliance (CMC) are on hand to assist CMCs attain and maintain compliance. We are able to assist CMCs prepare for CMRU audits, conduct compliance health check audits and provide bespoke compliance advice as may be required. We understand that CMCs, like most businesses, are commercially driven. The objective of our services is to provide commercially beneficial input into CMCs’ businesses by mitigating and/or controlling regulatory risks and lowering regulatory risk exposure.

Our CMC Services

CMRU Application (Lead Generators) Assist unauthorised firms with their CMRU applications.
CMRU Application (Claims Processors) –  Assist unauthorised firms with their CMRU applications.
FCA Temporary Permission Application –  Assist authorised CMCs and unauthorised CMCs (i.e. section 75 and Scottish CMCs) obtain temporary permission.
FCA Application (Lead Generators) – Assist lead generators with their FCA application. This will include the provision of mandatory compliance documentation such as a complaints procedure and vulnerable customers’ policy.
FCA Application (Claims Processors) – Assist claims processors with their FCA application. This will include the provision of a template compliance manual.
Pre-Application Audit –  Conduct a review of CMC’s business model, processes and documentation and provide recommendations.
CMC Claims Pack –  Provision of the following documentation:
• Letter of Authority;
• Complaints procedure;
• Terms of business; and
• Summary document.
CMC Documentation –  The provision of specific documentation, as required by the client. This includes a:
• Due diligence form;
• Vulnerable customers policy; and
• Complaints procedure.

CMC Compliance Manual (Template) –  Provision of a template compliance manual which documents the systems and controls a CMC is required to have in place.
CMC Compliance Manual (Bespoke) –  Provision of a bespoke compliance manual tailored to the client’s business processes.
CMC Onsite Audit –  An onsite audit of CMCs’ business models, processes and documentation.
CMC Remote Audit –  An audit of CMCs’ business models, processes and documentation by way of telephone and documentation review.
CMC Training Material –  We are able to provide firms with training material in the form of a PowerPoint and supporting staff assessment to assist with the provision of in-house FCA training.
Bespoke Consultancy – Bespoke consultancy to meet the needs of the specific CMC. This may include, for example, a financial promotions review or documentation review.

CMC Ongoing Compliance Support – Bespoke ongoing compliance support which includes service items to meet the requirements of each CMC. For example, telephone support, an annual audit and financial promotions review.

FCA E-learning Course – A bespoke FCA e-learning course designed for CMCs’ management teams and decision makers.
FCA SM&CR E-learning Course –  A bespoke FCA e-learning course designed for CMCs’ management teams and decision makers.

If you require any information in regards to claims management compliance then please contact us below.

Here is what some of our customers had to say

  • I would like to feedback our positive experience in terms of professionalism, conduct and resultant outcome from our compliance audit.

    In particular, Jourdain’s knowledge and ability to convey a working understanding of regulatory intricacies (especially GDPR) has been exceptional at a time when other compliance firms have sold us short.

    The service provided to our business has been of great benefit.

    Thanks again.

    Matt Staff
    Claims Help Desk
  • Consumer Credit Compliance helped us getting through a nerve wrecking period of applying for full FCA authorization in the High Cost Short Term Credit space (a.k.a. payday loans). Our business depends on our FCA license and we could not be able to work without it. Our industry is also very strictly regulated and every aspect of the application had to be thoroughly examined. We had to make sure we are 100% compliant in everything we do including our websites, our marketing standards and practices, our regulatory business plan, business continuity policies, local approved persons and more. Consumer credit compliance were always professional and ready to help and this is what matters most! We also intend to use their ongoing support program for ongoing compliance

    Avner Brodsky
    Money Gap Group Limited
  • “ We have had great pleasure working with Claims Management Compliance, who are very efficient and up-to-date with all aspects of the claims management industry. I have had great experiences working alongside Jourdain, who I have worked with for many years, and Helena in making sure that our company is fully compliant in the claims management industry.

    Neill Patel
    Legally Entitled
  • Jourdain Tambo is a good communicator; he has strong interpersonal skills such as empathy, tact, and humor; he is intellectual and has good analytical problem-solving skills. He is a very driven individual that has the compassion to see others succeed in his industry. He has the knowledge, skills and purpose to pull greatness out of an individual. He is the Real-Deal. I Highly Recommend Jourdain.

    Raheel A Rathore
    Director at SHC Accident Helpline Ltd
  • I have been working with Jourdain for a number of years on CMC compliance issues. Extremely intelligent and professional individual.

    Harry Kang
    Director at Noble Finance Solutions Limited


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